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Published 5 months ago • 2 min read

🪧 Our Community Manifesto

Let's build a community like no other!

Hey you, Amazing Founder,

We believe you are changing the world, one retreat, trip, adventure, or fest at a time. You’re part of a small group of people that ignored what everyone else deemed improbable, and just did it.

You created programs, experiences and spaces were people can express and explore themselves, grow, and ultimately embody their full being. You’re not only delivering amazing retreats for conscious and independent thinkers.

You’re elevating humankind.

Ok, well, you’re not curing cancer, but we do believe you’re doing a great amount of good, that is rippling in many incredible ways. Even Nomad Retreats wouldn’t exists without the positive energy you’ve put out in the world!

We think that there is no more perfect moment than now for a new space to exist. A space where leaders, founders and hosts of retreats can connect, collaborate, share and expand together.

That’s why we’re creating a community that will help you multiply your reach, dream even bigger and increase your impact.

So, the name of this new community is…

Elevate Impact

Elevate Impact is your space to learn from each other, exchange tips and locations, recommend trusted professionals, mentor younger hosts, create lasting partnerships and hype all together about all the exciting future projects.

Here you'll find people that understand your struggles and challenges, as they're on the same boat as you.

Each one of you is on a journey that is unique and you all have a definition of success that is your own. This is the space where you'll achieve the success that you deserve, because you'll not be alone: all together, we'll make it happen.

Welcome to Elevate Impact!

A note from the founders

Why are we doing all this? Nomad Retreats’ founding mission is to allow every human being to consider the alternative life path of the digital nomadism during their lifetime. We believe that having the chance to make this choice is a priceless opportunity to become a person that is more open minded, free, compassionate and helpful.

We only have around 80.000 hours of work in our lives. We’ll do things differently here, at the cost of not doing them at all. It’s what being nomadic is at the end of the day, right?

We want to make those hours count.

If you have ideas and suggestions, we are all ears.


Federico and Alessio · Nomad Retreats

Now you'd probably be thinking:

Ok, it's exciting! do I join this community?!

We're still polishing some details and we'll be ready to let you in soon!

In the meantime let us know what you think about Elevate Impact and what you'd like this community of founders to look like!

You're feedback will help shaping the first version!

That's it for today, talk to you soon!

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