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New partnerships for your retreats 🀝

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🀝 Our first esclusive partnerships

We're working for you: discovering the best facilitators and locations for your retreats

Hey you, Amazing Founder,

At Nomad Retreats we want to help you to create the retreat you envisioned in your brightest dreams. To create the best conditions for this to happen, we are bridging the gap between inspired leaders like you and the best services and professionals out there. With a focus on the digital nomad lifestyle and a mindful approach, we also closed exclusive discounted deals with these partners, so we think you'd love what we've found.

Without further ado, let's see what's in for you this week.

New venue: The Italian "dolce far niente" takes an intentional turn at La Vita Sukha


Have you ever dreamt about hosting a retreat in Italy? Liz and Jarka of La Vita Sukha have the perfect frame for you because they understand how much of a game-changer it can be to have people believe in you and your vision.

First, they have a huge, pool-sided, hill-view villa in a beautiful mountain village in southern Italy.

Second, they offer a process of
​co-creation and collaboration, ensuring all your needs are met, from food requirements to room for 20+ guests, removing a huge and stressful burden from your shoulders.

With the code NOMADRETREATS10 you'll get 10% off for La Vita Sukha services. Check it out at​

Breathwork with Frank: your guests' gateway to self discovery


Retreats are mind opening, life bending experiences. No surprise that breathwork sessions are becoming more common during retreats.

As a 400h Vinyasa, Hatha and Holistic Yoga teacher and a Transformational Breathwork facilitator, Frank already joined multiple retreats and provided wonderful experiences to the participants, thanks to his 9 years long career.

He's the best person we know to deliver these transformational experiences in your retreat.

With the code NOMADRETREATS10 you'll get 10% off for Frank's services.

Check them out at​

βœ“ Hatha, Vinyasa & Holistic Yoga
βœ“ Energetic, Intuitive & Foot Massages
βœ“ Transformational Breathwork Coach
βœ“ Sennheiser Wireless Audio Gear
βœ“ Bose Professional Speaker System
βœ“ High Quality Yoga Mats

That's it for today, talk to you soon!

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