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Road to Bansko with Nomad Retreats

Published 12 days ago • 2 min read

⛰️ Road to Bansko Nomad Fest

Retreat founders are heading to the Fest, and we're there to serve!

Hey Reader,

Summer is on its way and this means the charming Bulgarian town of Bansko is ready to welcome swaths of nomads for this year’s Nomad Fest.

Nomad Retreats will be there, hosting a gathering to kick off Elevate Impact, the community for retreat founders like you!

We both know how hard you work to prepare each retreat and pop-up coliving experience. Months of planning, marketing efforts, countless calls, and social media posts can still lead to a “crunch” period— the period of extra work needed before a big launch, as the video game industry calls it.

This is leaving you exhausted and on the verge of burnout. Aren't we, as nomads, supposed to be masters of work-life balance?

What if you had a network of knowledgeable, like-minded retreat owners to support you in your endeavor?

Nomad Retreats is building it in the next events, mark them on your calendar:

⛰️ Bansko Nomad Fest

In Bansko, there will be dozens of retreat owners like you, and we'll plan a moment for you to meet all of them.

Johannes of NomadBase, Michelle of The Nomad Escape, Pele of Frilingue, Eva of Armonía, Andreas&Giulia of Remote'll have the chance to meet them and many more in person. This occasion will be a foundational moment to co-design the community's values and structure. You'll have the chance to shape the community you wish you had when you started.

If you haven't booked yet for Bansko, our code NOMADRETREATS is valid for a last-minute 10% discount. See you there soon!

🇨🇭 Frilingue Coliving Retreat Academy

We're thrilled to announce that we'll be co-hosting the RetreatRetreat with Frilingue Coliving. Philippe contacted us to provide the best value to new and experienced retreat founders in his wonderful village in the mountains.

Would you like to spend a week in Swiss Alps and share your experience of building a retreat-based business, overcoming hurdles together with others who have similar experience?

We're collecting applications for speakers and attendees for this unique week. Hit reply on this email to apply!

🌴 Nomad Island Fest

As we announced in the last edition, Nomad Island Fest will provide the perfect framework for retreat founders and industry leaders to elevate and grow their impact.

In addition to a private dinner, we'll have a workshop from industry expert. Wanna know more? Make sure to read the next newsletters (add us to your contact list!).

If you're interested in joining, we already have a huge rebate for founders only. Reply to this email to get to know more!

Let's work on our dreams together in this community, making them bigger and easier than ever. Don't miss the next meetups!

That's all for today,
See you in Bansko soon!

Federico & Alessio

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