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On May 8th take the first step to expand your retreats

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πŸš€ This is the first step to elevate the game of your retreat company

We bring you a (really) unmissable opportunity to meet the people that will help you skyrocket to the next level.

Hey you, Reader,

We come back to you after some months of focused work with TWO big projects. Today you're about to see the first one.

Back in our first partnership newsletter we teased you with a riddle: the greatest way to connect and build a community is during a...?

The answer of course is a RETREAT.

Call it coworkation, remote work travel program, popup coliving or you name it... gathering people and connecting them is what your job and this industry is about.

With this in mind it's easy to read OUR MANIFESTO presenting the idea of a community of leaders and founders like you. We named it Elevate Impact as this is Nomad Retreats' founding mission.

And now we've found the perfect occasion to kickstart Elevate Impact πŸŽ‰.

We're excited and happy to announce that the first meetup of Elevate Impact will be hosted within the great accelerator that is The Nomad Island Fest,
on Madeira island, December 5th-11th

This event is the most fertile ground to grow in your remote work and travel businesses and there's simply no place more perfect than this to gather you and other founders. Let's hear a word from Michelle, the inspiring founder of The Nomad Escape:

"As a founder of a retreat company myself, I know how hard the journey can be, and I wish I had the opportunity to network back then, in the way I see the participant of the fest doing every year.

That's because of the way we crafted Nomad Island Fest. It's more than just a conference or a retreat – it's a holistic journey. It's where serious business meets personal transformation, where health and balance are not just buzzwords but a way of life. We're creating a soulful community that goes beyond one-dimensional networking. It's an immersive retreat where you can connect with over 100 successful remote professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs."

In the previous years, The Nomad Island Fest was already a forge of future retreat-owners. The founders of The Eatinerant, The Confidance, Cloud Connections and some more, they all attended the fest and found there the connections and inspiration to start their own retreat company.


This is the first step you need to take to Elevate your Impact with your fellow retreat leaders, so we invite you to:

​ Click here to JOIN the LAUNCH PARTY of Nomad Island
Fest 2024 this Wednesday, May 8th at 6pm CET






To make your choice even easier, for the ones who'll join the Launch Party, we have an exclusive discount that Nomad Retreats got for the Nomad Island Fest. We will announce it after the online live event, so don't miss out on it!


So, see you on Wednesday and talk to you soon with our second big announcement!

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