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Two new partnerships for you πŸ’πŸ‘

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🀝 Two new exclusive partnerships

We're working for you: discovering the best facilitators and locations for your retreats


After the first exclusive partnerships we brought to you not so long ago, it's time for the second round! We're constantly scouting around the world to bring the best accommodations and facilitators to make your retreats shine.

Without further ado, let's see what's in for you this week.

Stress-free accommodations with Nomadico


We know the struggle: each new location means a new scouting for an accommodation. Nomadico frees you up from that, and so much more.

Nomadico creates affordable all-inclusive coliving homes, ready for hosting retreats, and helps nomadic and local communities thrive together.

They create their homes with nomads in mind by teaming up with locals during less touristy months. Guest houses, boutique hostels, apartments - all is set up by them, so you don't have to.

They also commit to ensure that your retreat guests will have comfortable place to stay and great workspace for optimal productivity.

Nomadico has an exclusive code for Nomad Retreats: 5NOMADRETREATS will give you 5% discount on your retreat accommodation!

All the info at

Stress-free retreat planning with Tiago: your go-to for a sold-out unique experience in Portugal


Organizing retreats involves extensive venue research, supplier coordination, and experience design, often leaving little time and energy for core tasks like sales and focusing on your customers.

What could be a headache for some, is Tiago’s passion: he runs the extra mile to make sure your customer experience will be memorable, handling all operational details with precision and experience.

After over 10 years working with brands in hospitality around the world, Tiago founded Maracuja Experiences to curate transformative retreats in Portugal, from his home town on Madeira island.

He specializes in crafting unique experiences that uplift both participants and local communities, helping retreat companies and boutique travel agencies in bringing their vision to life.

Check his project out at ->​

βœ“ Venue scouting
βœ“ Experiences & Program Design
βœ“ Suppliers curation and coordination
βœ“ Event management
βœ“ On-site operations
βœ“ Co-hosting


With the code NOMADRETREATS3, you’ll get a free curated short-list of 3 ideal venues for your retreat in Portugal when booking Tiago’s services.


That's it for today, talk to you soon!

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